Chelsea Baskets at Chelsea Markets

It’s Easter folks! I’m Buddhist, but the beloved toddlers in my life are being brought up Catholic, and I adore my nephews, so off to Manhattan looking for chocolate eggs laid by a rabbit to remember a carpenter who arose from the dead.  Hey, I said I’m Buddhist.

There's a ramp under there somewhere.

There is a store in my favorite shopping center — The Chelsea Markets, NYC called Chelsea Baskets. Here’s the system .. you buy a basket, fill it, they charge you for it, you leave…great idea. I used to be their best customer but I could walk then. Three weeks ago I went there and the wheelchair ramp was piled high with baskets and the manager made the face famous in the original  Home Alone movie, face slap when I brought it to his attention and then apologised, blamed a intern and cleared the ramp.

Today I went to Chelsea Markets for the best espresso in the western world at Buone Italia, and while there headed for Chelsea Baskets to spoil the munchkins in my life. The ramp had several dozen South American style shopping baskets along the side of the ramp, with many more hanging on the wall beside the ramp. (See photo above.)  If, unlike me, you could get down it without jamming your spokes on the baskets littering the side of the ramp, you would find yourself stuck at the bottom. The exit was 18 inches wide because it too was being used as storage.  If that wasn’t enough, as I got to the bottom the bags on the wall fell off onto my head, my chair and behind me causing me to be blocked in even further. Which intern would be blamed this time, I wondered? I yelled for help and was ignored because I wasn’t spending money.

 Well Chelsea Baskets the cheque might not be in the mail but the pics and the statement are on the way to the Mayors office and the FDNY for your violations.  The City rules on using disabled access for retail display are clear, so let’s see that famous Home Alone face slap get you out of this one. (By the way, the intern already told me she didn’t do it.)

 If I was you New York City, I would turn your chair and fill my basket somewhere where we are not treated like the contents of one!

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