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Marie’s Gourmet

With smooth, flat surfaces in the parking lot and an entrance flush with the patio outside, Marie’s Gourmet seems almost purpose-built for wheelchair-using patrons. Inside is a mix of booths and tables, the latter easy to fit under with a wheelchair and cheerfully moved around by the staff when reconfiguration is necessary. Photographs of the […]

Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn

Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn has a wheelchair ramp, but watch for the three-inch high bump at the entrance to the dining room; a motorized wheelchair will not be able to traverse it independently.

The Wild Goose

If you’re a wheelchair user, you can get in The Wild Goose Irish pub on Staten Island… … but you’d better not drink too much Guinness, because this is what they call a bathroom. It’s also rather dimly lit, so people with low vision or using sign language might have trouble seeing. On the plus […]

Staten Island Ferry

The Staten Island Ferry is one of the best ways to experience New York City, for able-bodied and disabled people alike. You get fabulous views of Manhattan’s skyline, the Statue of Liberty, and harbor traffic, the ride is smooth and accessible; and best of all, it’s free!