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Cookie Dō

Cookie Dō or cookie don’t? This popular new shop selling cookie dough is the latest NYC food fad, offering cups of raw cookie dough at overinflated prices. If you can handle waiting on line for between 1-4 hours and then negotiate a pair of small steps, Cookie Do. If not, cookie don’t, and make your […]

Marie’s Gourmet

With smooth, flat surfaces in the parking lot and an entrance flush with the patio outside, Marie’s Gourmet seems almost purpose-built for wheelchair-using patrons. Inside is a mix of booths and tables, the latter easy to fit under with a wheelchair and cheerfully moved around by the staff when reconfiguration is necessary. Photographs of the […]

Starbucks (Greenwich and Bank)

Accessible NYC welcomes new author Mia Vayner, who caught our attention with her firebrand blog Disabled Access Denied. Since the goals of our sites are so similar, we invited her here to post her disability access reviews, good or bad, of her travels around New York City. Patronize or boycott these venues as you see […]

Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn

Killmeyer’s Old Bavaria Inn has a wheelchair ramp, but watch for the three-inch high bump at the entrance to the dining room; a motorized wheelchair will not be able to traverse it independently.

The Wild Goose

If you’re a wheelchair user, you can get in The Wild Goose Irish pub on Staten Island… … but you’d better not drink too much Guinness, because this is what they call a bathroom. It’s also rather dimly lit, so people with low vision or using sign language might have trouble seeing. On the plus […]